Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apple Announces 3D "iSpecs"

File this one under the "holy crap" heading!  From the New York Post:

"Apple Inc. submitted a patent application that confirmed the computing giant is venturing into three dimensions on the small screen, it was revealed Monday.
The innovative technology company from Cupertino, Calif., plans to launch a pair of glasses that will provide high-definition 3D video to users on the go.
The gadget, nicknamed "iSpecs" by technology fans, will allow users to slot their Apple iPod or iPhone into it. The headset then uses special lens technology to split the picture between the eyes, allowing 3D viewing.
The device is also mounted with an external camera and infrared sensor, the patent said, meaning that a live video stream of the view in front of the glasses could be automatically displayed if someone approached the wearer.
The patent was filed by Apple in August 2008, but plans were so outlandish they were dismissed as an April Fools' joke when they were published by the company April 1.
Apple refused to comment, in line with its policy on patents."
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I can't wait for THAT!

Skip Kelly

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