Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Surprise wedding goes surprisingly well

I found this video/story when flipping around the internet.  The video is great, definitely worth the 9 minutes.

(CBS/What's Trending) - A surprise wedding generally seems like a bad idea for a multitude of reasons. It might come off as creepy, the one being surprised might say no, one person gets no say in the wedding and you can't pick out your dress. Somehow, however, Shawn of Windsor, Ontario, Canada pulled off a surprise wedding for his wife née fiancé Colleen, and it all went according to plan.

Colleen was under the impression that she is going to a retirement party, but instead Shawn has set up an entire wedding complete with 200 of her closest family and friends waiting for her. All she has to do is say yes, and everything she has ever wanted in a wedding is available. Shawn has listened to her talk about her dream wedding and snuck in questions ranging from who he ideal bridesmaids would be to what centerpieces she wanted to create her perfect day. And, because he didn't know what Colleen would need, Shawn brought everything from her bedroom -- dressers and all -- to the site so she could get ready.

This video is an anomaly: It is both touching and astounding how it worked out. Shawn is so earnest, and Colleen seems legitimately happy about the whole thing. Hopefully surprise weddings aren't the next flash mob because we can see some of these surprises not so well.

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