Friday, October 14, 2011

Save by planning your wedding the way you plan your travel!

Here's an interesting idea from wedding planning site  if your wedding is on a tight budget, why not plan your venue the way you would try to book airline tickets?  When you try to book flights online, have you ever noticed that you might get a better price if you fly out of a nearby airport instead of the one closest to you?  The same may be true when planning your wedding!

According to national wedding budget information compiled by Get Married Media, West Virginia ($6,935), Oregon ($7,697), Utah ($7,852) and Montana ($8,059) rank tops with brides looking to save while Washington D.C. ($21,858) and Northern New Jersey ($21,247) brides spend more.

The priciest area topped out at a whopping ($24,700) New York City. Other expensive regions include the U.S Virgin Islands ($20,917) and Hawaii ($17,488).

"Obviously, cost of living plays a huge role in couples' wedding budgets," says Karina Timmel, editor-in-chief of Get Married magazine. "In this weakened economy, it really pays to research and think not only outside-the-box, but possibly outside your immediate vicinity."

So how can you cut corners and still have the wedding of your dreams? Timmel suggests staging a mini destination wedding by picking an area, state or region that's close enough for guests to travel to easily, but still far enough way that you stay on budget. "New York City is a great example. With easy access to highways and mass transit, you and your guests can make a quick trip to Philly or venture further upstate to enjoy the rustic charms of Woodstock, both of which will cost about half of what you would normally pay if you chose to get married within the New York City metro area."

Other budget-saving suggestions include picking a wedding date that's off-season for your region, buying flowers and food that are native to your location, purchasing big-ticket items like your wedding dress outside city or state lines, and having your ceremony and reception at the same venue if you have your heart set on saying "I do" in a pricier area.

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