Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Google is a Pro Wedding Planner!?

I came across a great article in the Naperville Sun about using Google to help plan and organize your wedding! Even as a massive geek, I never would have thought of this, but there are some amazing ideas in the article.
"Google Docs, the search company’s free, easy-to-use online document software. With templates for the spreadsheet-challenged and a slew of pretty Web tools, the service is like the perfect bridesmaid. She’s calm, collected and full of good ideas but not overly pushy, letting you steer the ship. She’s there when you need her."
One of the best suggestions was using Google Docs to help you collect everyone's mailing address.  Google has a tool that will scan your address book and automatically sends out an email with a form for them to fill out.  Once they do, it's all saved into a spreadsheet that you can use to print mailing labels or give to your invitation company to print directly!
"The spreadsheet, once completed, proved invaluable. It’s simple to share documents through Google by entering recipients’ email addresses, or to restrict them so only you can see them. I shared the list with my fiance and with the people who were planning our bachelor and bachelorette parties. Over time, we added columns such as “invitation sent” and “gift description.” 
The couple even used Google Docs to write and collaborate on their vows!
"Google lets you share documents with people as “can view” and “can edit.” After the wedding, I shared the final document with my mom, so she could keep it for posterity — but not edit it, lest she insert some new vows she’d like my husband to keep. "
It's definitely worth checking out even if you're not the most tech-savvy bride.  You might be surprised at how much time and frustration it could save you!  Check out the original article here.


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  1. I agree that the Google is a pro-wedding planner and it is useful to remind the important notes. Docs will very soon changed to Google drive and one of my friend planned his wedding with the help of wedding app for the assistant and same time used Google docs.