Friday, April 6, 2012

The Return of the DJ

Read a great article on the other day that I've been meaning to share.  Apparently statistics show that people are gravitating more towards apps and services that choose music for them as opposed to creating their own playlists and listening to them.

When digital music became the norm and everyone owned an iPod or similar device, we all became our own DJs.  However, after the novelty of full control began to wear off, music fans were strangely unsatisfied.
"It quickly became clear that while this level of control was great some of the time, there was still something nice about having someone (or something) else pick your music. Basically, we needed a way to recapture that heady feeling of being surprised by an old favorite, or enjoying an artist we'd never heard of before."
 Services like Pandora, iTunes Radio and Spotify have started to become the go-to places to listen to music, even more so than our own music collections!
"The shuffle feature recaptured some of those feelings: Dump an iPod or a playlist into a pot, draw songs at random, and hope for the best. Today, we have better ways to hand over the reigns than just counting on dumb luck. The second digital music revolution lets music fans decide with precision how we'd like our music to be chosen - even if we aren't the ones doing the choosing."
Naturally, as a DJ I love the trend that people prefer to have music chosen for them than to just rely on a playlist of their own creation.  I just find it fascinating that it's actually a fact!  People like to exert some amount of control over what they listen to, but they prefer not to have complete control.
"A decade after the iPod promised that we could master our musical domains for the rest of time, music fans are rediscovering the merits of a good DJ, human or otherwise."
Check out the full article here, along with links to some of the best music services available on the web.  If you're not a fan of Pandora or Spotify yet, you should definitely check them out! 

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