Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skip Kelly Productions featured on The Jacksonville Bride!

Hey!  Skip Kelly Productions was featured (twice) on The Jacksonville Bride this month!

First, you'll want to catch our interview video!  Blog editor Megan Martin sat down in the Skip Kelly Productions studio to discuss what brides should know about meeting and picking a DJ for their wedding.  Even though I'm a total doofus on camera, it's still full of good information!

Second, Kelly & Jason Frotten's wedding from 4/7/12 got featured on the blog as well!  West House Photography took some AMAZING photos that you have to see.  Great work by Makeup by Paulina Perez too.  Of course, Skip Kelly Productions was the DJ, but it's really difficult to take a photo of good music.  ;)


Skip Kelly Productions is one of the most sought after entertainment companies in Jacksonville. From private parties to weddings and special events all over the city. Our team can assist you in creating an event limited only by your wildest dreams.  If you are looking for a truly professional Jacksonville DJ, or Jacksonville Wedding DJ, please visit our website and find out what we can do for you.

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